Welcome to IDEXCA, an independent publication launched in April 2024.

Dedicated to sharing the journey of an entrepreneur coding and building SaaS businesses.

I'm Michael, the founder and sole developer behind this site, I share my experiences and insights from my journey as a solopreneur. From the initial idea to execution and generating revenue, I cover it all. I believe that sharing both successes and failures is crucial to learning and growing, and I'm committed to being transparent about my experiences.

As a digital nomad, I've had the opportunity to work from some incredible locations around the world. From the beaches to the biggest capitals, I've found inspiration in the most unexpected places. I also believe in the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. As a result, I might sometimes write about stoicism, sports and other practices that help me stay grounded and focused.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I'm excited to share my experiences and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs.


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